Sunday School Lessons

This website is being developed to provide Bible Based Sunday School Lessons.

The only Bible used here is The King James Version


 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2Timothy 2:15



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The Offerings & Sacrifices

  1 The Nature Of The Beast
  The Burnt Sacrifice
  The Meat Offering
  The Peace Offering
  The Sin Offering
  The Trespass Offering
  Sin, Trespass & Peace
  Jesus Is Better - Atonement
  Jesus Is Better - Quicken
  The Firstfruits


What We Learn from Nature
The Curse
    The Heart Of Man
    The Seed
    The Ground
    The Serpent on the Ground
  1 Identifying The Curse
    Tiiler of the Ground
    Cain and the curse
    The End of the curse
The Former and Latter Rain
  1 Witness Of Nature
  2 The Latter Rain: The Sower went forth to sow
  3 Israel's History Through The Rain
  4 Israel's History: As their LORD sees it.
The Ashes Of The Red heifer
  Lesson 1 - The Nature Of The Beast
  Lesson 2 - The Ceremony
  Lesson 3 - Separation and Purification
  Red Heifer 4 - Keep The Home Pure
  Red Heifer Redo 1
  Red Heifer Redo 2
  Red Heifer Redo 3 - Clean until even
The Cleansing Of The Healed Leper
  Leviticus 13 & 14: 1-32
  Leviticus 14: 33-57 - Israel's past, present & future
  Tearing Down The House - Leviticus 14: &  Zechariah 5:1-4
What is going on in the world
  What is world history really about
The LORD and The Lord
  In the beginning
  Lesson 1
  Lesson 2
You and Your Pastor
  Simon Peter, Feed My Sheep

"Simon Peter and The Lord, His Rod and His Staff"

  Within The Shepherd's Boundaries
  Psalm 23 from the shepherd's point of view
  The shepherd of the local church.
  Stand in defense of your pastor's authority
  Lay Down His Life
  Jesus: The Shepherd and The Door.
  The Rejected Shepherd
The Trems We Use
  Saving Faith
  Dying Faith
  Living Faith
  Vanity - Beginning
  Vanity & Christians
  In Christ
The Apostle Paul
  Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
Titus - Setting Order In The Church
1  Introduction
  Things that were wanting
The Church
  The Purpose of the Church
  The Bride Of Christ
The Church, After The Rapture
1 Introduction
2 The Judgment Seat of Christ
  Called To The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
  Time Line
The Witness Of Nature


The Witness Of Nature


The Nature of the Beast
  1 Goats
  2 Dogs
  3 Swine
  3 Behemoth
  5 Leviathan
  Hamburger and God's People
The Twenty-third Psalm
The Prophesy Delivered Through Isaiah
The Twelve Tribes Of Israel?
  Part 1
  Part 2
Misc. Lessons
  Deity Of Christ
  As in a Glass - The Glory of the Lord (1-09-2011)
  Mark and Avoid (False Teachers, Teachers of Heresy
  Millennial Kingdom & The Eternal New Heaven & New Earth
  What David Asked For, We have through Christ
The Way, The Truth & The Life
1 The Way
2 The Truth
3 The Life
  The Greater Love
TN  T1  T2  T3  T4